Fiverr is the way forward for start-up producers

Fiverr is the way forward for start-up producers

Eoin Brennan

January 19th, 2014


From the moment I saw fiver.com I couldn’t believe my eyes. What? People are actually that hard up they are willing to do an hours work for Five dollars. Well to be honest some of it looks like it would take more than an hour. Fiverr presents its self as a website for oddballs. The sort of people you see online who really need attention. The sort of people who are willing to sell their souls just to get your  five dollars in their hands and then maybe buy a carton of milk with it or maybe even a single journey on the bus.But investigate a little further and spend some time looking at what these people offer you for that insane price and you come to realize that fiverr.com may be the human equivalent of youtube for the getup and goers.

These people ( gigs) are willing to take their time and present you with a sales pitch that you just can’t refuse. They may do you a painting, they may sew you a badge or they may write your name on their chest, record it and then speed it up to look funny, but then there is the real golden finds of people willing to offer good quality services to you that you could never afford as a small start up.

In this instance I want to focus on the music side of it. Go to the music and audio section in Fiverr and you can see hundreds of gigs offering things like Sample packs, custom made Dj drops, custom made midis to suit you track or even the studio mastering services for dance music. When you think about the amount of money that you could spend on studio time for mix down or mastering, it could add up to a small fortune. The mix down and mastering  process as we all know can take years to understand and a lot of time spent trawling for information or taking various courses. But all you want to do is get your track signed and release some beats. So for the small price of a couple of gigs you can essentially have the track on your DAW that is unmixed and as far as you can go with it in terms of EQ, Compression and Loudness, dance floor ready in a few days.  This is how you do it.

1. go to fiver.com and register.

2. go to the music and audio section and click on mastering.

3. View the gigs as they are called until you see someone who has a high rating for gigs bought and a great positive feedback score.

4. Simply buy the gig, give the download link to your track and a brief on what way you want it to sound after mastering.


5. Receive your gig in the given time frame and get ready to send some tunes out to labels!!

Note* If you need the mix down done as well you usually need to buy another few gigs but all the same $20 for a mix down and master is not a lot when you think that  electronic based studios in Australia charge about 85 bucks an hour or 30 GBP in the UK in some places.

The bottom line is, don’t be fooled by all the clowns on there selling all sorts of wondrous comical calamities. There is a fun element to it and fair play to those people for having a go at making some extra cash. The fact is there are a lot of people on there who are making a good earning by offering a real business solution for the small timer.

Check out the other gigs as well for the likes of graphic design or logos, also gigs offered for how to market yourself and get your tracks heard. So if you are a smalltime producer trying to get over the line and actually start getting some tracks out there, Fiverr is the place to go. You won’t look back. Go to www.fiverr.com…….Tell them i sent you. Eoin , Second Nature Team

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