January mix by Richie Blacker and Nelo – best in deep house and tech house
  • Genre:house
  • Release date:16 Jan 2014

January mix by Richie Blacker and Nelo – best in deep house and tech house

Well the new year is well and truly under way! Sydney side, The Sun is shining and the beaches are packed. Tonic refreshment seems to be the only way to get relief. Up North Our Friends in the UK are getting hit with all sorts of weatherly drama on the opposite scale! Well as we have two different extremes of weather happening around the globe We thought we should buy into that and have two sets of musical tastes. One from The UK and One from Oz. So without further ado, This months mix comes from UK Based Dj and Producer Richie Blacker and our own Nelo. 2 hours of uncompromising Electronica to tickle your earlobes. Richie has a taste for music alright with tracks of his being picked up by labels like Smiley Fingers, Whartone, Baroque and Rezonation music. His track Roller Disco Love Story also features in his mix. Ritchie is also at the forefront of the emerging scene in Belfast for new venues and events, recently playing alongside house legend Rayko at T13. expect the unexpected in Richies set. There is everything in there and his track list says it all. Get ready to groove! Our second hour comes from our very own Label co-Founder Nelo. His November mix hit all the right buttons for the more discerning Clubber. Neil is a true muso when it comes to his love for the dark arts. Driven by his love for minimal techno and also the ability to blend it with a more musical house style, he always hits the mark for us. This set is exactly that. Nelos debut single titled, Pushin on will be out in the shops on Second Nature from next month. He brings this two hour double whammy mixcast to a logical conclusion and your left with no doubt in your mind that you have just been entertained!! We hope you enjoy. Second Nature team

Tracklist 1st hour

1. I Lay My Head (Shook Remix) – Fallulah 2. Seychelles (Original Mix) – Perseus 3. HAG (Aeroplane Remix) – Erika Spring 4. Only For You (Original Mix) – Mat Zo feat. Rachel K Collier 5. Roller Disco Love Story (Original Mix) – Richie Blacker 6. Eyes (Original Mix) – 2Manyfold & Francesco 7. I Got A Dream (Original Mix) – Mark Lower 8. Watching You (Original Mix) – Lessovsky 9. It’s Not Over (Original Mix) – Labtracks 10. Don’t Tell – Manoo Deep Mix – Maya Jane Coles 11. Accolade (Original Mix) – Chris Malinchak 12. Sultans Of Swing (Original Mix) – WD2N

Tracklist 2nd hour

Well this is embarrassing 😉 We will get it up here soon!